Councillor under fire following plea to protect roads

W23079H13-MikeGlennon ''Mike Glennon, Worthing  UKIP Leader.  Pictured at him home in Offington Gardens, Worthing. ENGSUS00120130531180331
W23079H13-MikeGlennon ''Mike Glennon, Worthing UKIP Leader. Pictured at him home in Offington Gardens, Worthing. ENGSUS00120130531180331

A DISTRICT councillor claims UKIP county leader Mike Glennon has ‘pulled the wool over the eyes of the public’.

Earlier this month, Lancing county councillor Mr Glennon announced his plans to address unadopted roads across the area that are in need of protection.

At a full council meeting on December 12, Mr Glennon tabled a debate on residents who are faced with the burden of their road’s infrastructure.

Residents of West Beach – an unadopted road – have been affected by flooding for years.

However, after the meeting, Sompting district councillor Carson Albury said Mr Glennon had previously voted to cut the highways budget by £7.5million.

Mr Albury said: “I cannot see how he can justify what he is doing.

“On one hand, he votes to cut the budget that provides for roads and their upkeep, but he tells the public that he wants to protect and invest in the road system.

“It is another attempt by councillor Glennon to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

“He accuses the county council of neglecting the highways, but he and his fellow UKIP councillors were the ones who put in a motion to cut the highways budget.

“He is telling the public one thing but doing something else behind their back,” he added.

In response to Mr Albury’s claims, Mr Glennon said the Tories were confused and he was looking to protect family centres and care homes.

He said: “When the current annual budget was set back in February, the UKIP position was clear: we were fully supportive of increasing the budget by £24.3million.

“Okay, the Tories wanted to increase it by £30million.

“My position was that in the face of savage cutbacks to some of our neediest citizens, we should earmark that difference in road budget to protect family centres and care homes for the elderly.

“The ruling mandarins [Tories] trampled a very worthy motion to channel a relatively modest amount of money into our growing number of food banks. They mumbled about times being too tough to find some money. Yeah, tough. The hungry know just how tough.

“Makes me chuckle how even the budget arithmetic confuses one of our local Tory worthies, who is claiming I wanted a cut of £7.5million. Does he mean £5.7million?”.

Before the full council meeting, Mr Glennon said that in the wake of a major investment to improve the A27, the parlous state of unadopted roads around the county was becoming a key 

He also claimed that without adequate investment it would not be long before roads becaome at best neglected, or a physical risk to motorists and pedestrians

At the meeting, Mr Glennon requested the county council carries out a cross-party review of the neglected highways and lobbies for changes to legislation that will provide council tax relief to those affected.

A webcast of the full county council meeting on December 12 is available to view at