Dogs Trust Shoreham dog of the week Buddy is looking for a best friend

A three-year-old Labrador cross Rottweiler with an energetic nature, Buddy loves the company of both people and dogs, said staff at Dogs Trust Shoreham.

Sunday, 24th March 2019, 9:19 am
Dogs Trust Shoreham dog of the week Buddy

An ideal home would be somewhere relaxing, where Buddy could settle down with a tasty chew after a long day and roam about in a decent-sized garden.

Tracey Rae, rehoming centre manager, said: “This playful chap will happily keep himself entertained with his toys but is also keen to engage in a game of fetch or tug.

“He is an active boy but has a sensitive side, so really enjoys his walks in quieter areas or at less busy times of the day.”

Buddy would like to live somewhere relaxing, and is looking to share a home with a well-suited canine to have lots of fun playing together.

Human friends must be over the age of 16 and Buddy cannot live with cats.

Tracey added: “Buddy’s ‘pawfect’ match would be a special someone who could dedicate lots of time to him — continuing his reward-based training, while really making him feel like part of the family.

“If you think you may be the one that Buddy has been waiting for, then please contact the Dogs Trust Shoreham team.”

Dogs Trust Shoreham is in Brighton Road, Shoreham. Phone 01273 452576 or visit for more.