Findon school governors head out on Monarch’s Way Ride to help pupils ‘get back to normal learning’

School governors are getting on their bikes to raise money to help pupils in Findon ‘get back to normal learning’.

Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 9:33 am

A team of cyclists from St John the Baptist Primary School will be heading out on the Monarch’s Way Ride and in the process, hope to educate the children about this ancient trail that passes through their village.

The cyclists, who are all associated with the school’s governing body, will be covering 110 miles over four days at the end of May to raise money for the PTA.

John Roche, chairman of governors, said: “It’s not often that school governors ‘get on their bikes’. Our desire is to raise funds to help pupils get back to normal learning.

The Monarch's Way, an ancient trail from Worcester to Shoreham. Picture: Derek Martin

“This adventure is also designed to educate our pupils about this route, which is one of the nation’s ancient trails and which happens to pass through Findon.

“Many will know that the Monarch’s Way is an ancient trail that winds its way through Findon en route to Shoreham but which starts in Worcester.

“This L-shaped route was used by Charles II in 1651 while making his escape from Oliver Cromwell’s army after defeat at the Battle of Worcester. The trail’s unusual shape is because after hiding in the ‘royal oak’ tree, Charles first fled to coastal ports in the south-west before riding a path along the south coast - trying his luck at various places but each time encountering Cromwell’s parliamentary forces, until he reached Shoreham, where he fled to France.

“We plan to ride only about a sixth of the length of the 625-mile trail. The four-day ride will be part-educational, as the pupils at school will be encouraged to plot our progress daily and hence sharpen their knowledge of history and geography.

“The riders will be paying all their own expenses and hope to attract sponsorship from local residents, businesses and parents. All funds will go to the school’s PTA to benefit projects and initiatives for our children.

“Given what a tough year everyone has had, particularly for those in school, it will be good to try to achieve something that will help our young pupils while they continue with their re-adjustment to normal school life.”

To support the Monarch’s Way Ride and donate to St John the Baptist Primary School PTA, visit or use the collection boxes in Findon Post Office and Peckhams Farm Butchers.