Firefighters free woman from public toilet on Goring seafront

Firefighters were called to free a woman who had become trapped in a public toilet in Goring.

Wednesday, 25th August 2021, 1:37 pm

The woman was discovered by a couple on their way back from the Sea Lane Café who went to use the toilet, near Eirene Road, on Thursday (August 19).

Finding it locked, they called out to see if anyone was inside and the woman replied saying she was stuck.

The woman who found the lady trapped said: “There were two signs with numbers on outside the toilet. My husband called them and each time we were pretty much put on hold.

Public toilet, Goring seafront, near Eirene Road. Photo by Derek Martin

“No one answered the phones. The only outcome we thought of was to call the fire brigade.

“It took them at least 15 minutes to free the woman using the various instruments they had at their disposal.

“We stayed around to make sure the woman got out all right and we made sure to talk to her so she knew what was going, on as the lady was on her own.”

A spokesperson for the FirstPort property management company, which manages the toilet, said: “We are sorry that a member of the public was prevented from leaving the public toilet due to an issue with a faulty door.

“We apologise for the distress caused and that initial phone calls to report the issue were not answered.

“We can confirm that engineers have attended the site to repair the faulty door, which is now working again.”