Greg James and Harry Styles quizzed listeners on top of Britain's tallest Christmas tree in Sussex

Wakehurst hosted Radio 1 breakfast show host Greg James yesterday (Wednesday, December 18) for 'Yesterday's Quiz of the Year'.

Thursday, 19th December 2019, 4:00 pm
Georgina Richards (left), Wakehurst's marketing manager, colleague Hannah McDowell-Naylor (right), with Greg James at the bottom of the tree on the cherry picker.

Two listeners were hoisted to the top of the tree in cherry pickers as they battled to become star listener of the year.

A spokesman for Wakehurst said: "We sent an email to Greg James a couple of months ago telling him about how we have the tallest living Christmas tree in the UK, decorated with 1,800 lights, and asking if he wanted to do some of his Radio 1 nonsense.

"We know he's always up to do something fun and wild for his listeners.

The biggest living Christmas tree in the country - nearly 130 years old.

"A few phone calls later it had become the quizmas tree, which is an excellent pun, and then he decided for the last breakfast show of the year they would host yesterday's quiz of the year on the tree."

The more questions that contestants Kelly and Sally answered correctly, the higher up the tree they went, and the more lights Wakehurst lit up on the tree.

Greg James said in a Facebook post: "Final show of the year done.

"Kelly is crowned Star Listener of the Year and here we are standing in the winning cherry picker in front of Britain’s Tallest Christmas Tree after beating Sally in the quiz 120ft in the air.

The view from the top of the tree - 37m high up!

"True idiocy to finish off the year. Thanks for listening, it’s been knackering and mad but we’re having the absolute time of our lives."

The tree, which is 37m tall, is a Giant Redwood which originates in Northern California, and was planted around 1890 making it nearly 130 years old.

The dressing of the tree marks the start of preparations for Wakehurst’s most popular event of the year, the Glow Wild lantern festival.

A Wakehurst spokesman said: "Harry Styles from One Direction was the quiz master, reading the questions via FaceTime to Greg James, who then shouted them through a mega phone to the contestants.

"We're all quite avid listeners of the show here, and I think even though it's obviously radio Greg talked about the tree really well and described the experience brilliantly."

Greg James said in an Instagram photo caption that 'it's maybe my favourite thing we’ve ever done'.