Littlehampton dog training class uses three-minute games to teach pets

A new canine training group in Wick, Littlehampton, is offering a different way to teach old and young dogs new tricks.

Thursday, 4th April 2019, 1:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th April 2019, 10:53 am
Bella showing off her retrieving skills

Specially designed three-minute games are taught by Heather Sanderson at Arun Dog Training, for everything from loose-lead walking to retrieving.

Heather, who is from Wick, used this method when training her dog, Bella, and she said the games are scientifically proven to mean quicker learning for your pet than normal repetition.

Heather said: “The three-minute games have made a big difference to my life with Bella. She’s an excitable setter collie cross, and although she’s still not perfect, I can now call her away from dead fish on the beach, I can walk her on a lead without having to use a head harness, and after years of running off with a ball, she can now retrieve.”

Bella showing off her retrieving skills

After deciding she wanted to share this with other people, Heather trained to become a certified professional dog trainer.

One of her tutors, Lauren Langman, came second in agility at Crufts last month, with her working cocker, Blink, who is also trained with three-minute games.

Heather said: “When I started my Pro Dog Trainer course, my dream was to start a training class in my local community. This dream came true when we launched Superdogs in Wick Hall.”

The first Superdogs group has been meeting on Saturday mornings, with a mixture of ages and sizes of dogs taking part.

These six breeds have been named the smartest by Stanley Coren, but any dog would be able to learn from the three-minute games

All Superdogs clients are able to meet Heather before the classes begin for a one-to-one session to discuss any particular struggles they have.

Bella was a rescue dog, and Heather said you should not limit your expectations of how well you can retrain your dog with this method.

Heather said: “The games teach dogs of any age the skills they need in life, and because the dogs and owners have fun playing the games, their relationship is given a boost too.”

For more details about the next course of Superdogs starting after Easter, see