Littlehampton’s young cheerleaders crowned division champions

A cheerleading team from Littlehampton-based Sussex Tornados has won a bid to compete in the BCA Champions Challenge 2019.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 10:57 am

Thunderbolts is a team of 18 athletes aged from seven to nine who train at the Tornados’ gym on Lineside Industrial Estate.

As a registered charity, Sussex Tornados is now appealing for help with the £2,000 needed to get the girls to Sheffield for the competition.

Lisa Wickens, fundraising secretary, explained: “All of our athletes are self funded. Although we have a paid bid, we still have travel and hotel costs, as the competition is in Sheffield and on July 14, so we have a short period of time.

Thunderbolts, a Sussex Tornados team of 18 athletes aged seven to nine

“We would be very grateful for anything you can donate to help us get these 18 talented athletes to compete at this prestigious competition.”

Mum Emma Armand said her daughter and her team mates were thrilled to be crowned division champions at the competition in Guildford on June 1.

She said: “This came with the opportunity to compete at the Champions Challenge in Sheffield against other teams who have won this division all over the country.

“While the competition entry is free to the team, every athlete is working really hard to raise approximately £100 per person to cover the cost of getting them to this competition.

“The athletes in this team have been carrying out a variety of sponsored activities, including gardening, cleaning, car washing and an eight-mile bike ride.

“These children are so desperate to make it to this competition and as Sussex Tornados Cheerleaders are a local registered charity, it would be amazing to help them reach this goal.”

Visit for more information and to make a donation.

Email Lisa Wickens at [email protected] for more information about Sussex Tornados or find Sussex Tornados Cheerleaders on Facebook.