Love Island: Amy Hart from Worthing's father denies claims she was taken out of the villa

The father of a Worthing Love Island contestant has denied reports in the national newspapers that his daughter has left the villa.

Friday, 5th July 2019, 12:37 pm
Ian Hart, left, and Amy Hart. Pictures: ITV

According to the Metro and other news outlets, Amy Hart was removed from the villa so she could have a therapy session following scenes showing her in tears over the breakdown of her relationship with Curtis Pritchard.

However, her father Ian Hart has strongly denied these claims.

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Ian Hart, left, and Amy Hart. Pictures: ITV

Speaking to the Herald, he said: "What we saw on last night's show was that she decided to end their fledgling relationship there and then. That was recorded on Wednesday evening.

Amy Hart slept alone after the revelations. Picture: ITV

"On Thursday morning, I received my daily message from the ITV production team to say she was up, cheerful, chatty, being Amy, and making breakfast with the rest of the girls, as she has been doing this morning as well."

Describing the national reports as 'rubbish', he went on to say: "If she had counselling, ITV wouldn't say that because it is breaking medical confidence."

This comes amid heightened scrutiny of how the show looks after the mental health of its contestants, following the suicides of two former Love Islanders.

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom has also reportedly had hundreds of complaints about the way Amy has been treated on the show in recent episodes.

Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard. Picture: ITV

After Curtis tried and failed to woo another woman while Amy was sent to the neighbouring villa of Casa Amor, the 26-year-old appeared heartbroken, having previously declared that she would tell him she loved him when she got back to the main villa.

In Thursday night's episode, it appeared the former favourites to win have now gone their separate ways, after Curtis told Amy he could not promise he would not do it again when she confronted him.

When asked if ITV was doing enough to support his daughter, Ian said: "ITV have been superb. I speak to the press office, I speak to the production team every day, and the welfare team speaks to my wife on a regular basis.

"This is series 5. Series 1 to 4 are on Netflix and Amy has watched these. She is aware of what she is getting into.

"As I said to Holly and Phil on This Morning, you can't suppress your children's ambitions. If I had said no, would she get to 40 and say I had a chance to be on TV?

"She has stepped out of her comfort zone, and a management position with British Airways, to give it a shot. People should admire that rather than criticising her for it."

He added: "BA have made it clear there will always be a door open for her back there. But she is enjoying this."

When asked if he thought she should try to make things work with Curtis, Ian said: "That isn't for me to say. She is 26 years old; she is a strong enough character.

"I just want her to come out being the Amy she has been right the way through, and then hopefully with the opportunities that are lining up, enjoy her life."

He also hit out at the trolling culture on Facebook and other social media platforms.

He said: "I'm disappointed with some of the trolls and people in Worthing and their negative comments, but we are all going to have our haters in life."