Love Island: Amy Hart's third week in pictures

After three weeks, Amy Hart is still in the ITV2 dating competition. Here is her third week in pictures.

Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 12:51 pm
Amy Hart Love Island Worthing

The 26-year-old former air hostess from Worthing had a blip with her partner Curtis, who rated new girl Arabella as a 10/10 kisser during a blindfolded kissing challenge. But the pair reconciled during a date outside the villa, when ballroom dancer Curtis showed Amy how to Rhumba. He picked her to be in a couple with him during Monday night's recoupling. Read more: Here’s how you can win tickets to the 2019 Love Island final

Episode 14
Episode 14: the couples had to make burgers by passing the ingredients with their mouths
Episode 14: Amy and Curtis got into the spirit of the challenge
Episode 14
Episode 14: despite their best efforts, Amy and Curtis did not win
Episode 14: two couples were split up, but Amy and Curtis were safe
Episode 15: Amy with Anna and Molly-Mae
Episode 15: the girls have a chat
Episode 15: Amy and Curtis chat to Yewande
Episode 16: the girls get to know new islander Arabella, right
Episode 16: Amy, centre, chats with the girls by the fire pit
Episode 16: Amy, centre, with Michael and Anna
Episode 17: Amy, right, with the girls by the pool
Episode 17: Curtis rated new girl Arabella as a 10/10 kisser in the blindfolded challenge, but only gave Amy a 7
Episode 17: Amy came last in the kissing challenge
Episode 17: Amy was angry with Curtis, who thought he was kissing her when he gave the 10, not Arabella, and the others for laughing at her
Episode 17: Amy and Curtis went for dinner outside the villa
Episode 17: Curtis apologised to Amy over a drink
Episode 17: Amy accepted his apology
Episode 17: the couple reconciled while doing the Rhumba
Episode 17: the couple reconciled while doing the Rhumba
Episode 17: Amy was determined to improve her 7/10 rating
Episode 19: Amy reacts to drama involving islanders Maura, bottom left, and Tom
Episode 19: Amy, third from right, was picked again by Curtis to be in a couple and Yewande, left, went home