New Monks Farm: Readers react as IKEA superstore and 600 homes given green light

Plans for an IKEA superstore and 600 homes in Lancing have divided opinion since their inception.

Thursday, 6th February 2020, 12:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 6th February 2020, 12:50 pm

Yesterday (February 5), full planning permission was finally granted after developer The Community Stadium Ltd agreed legal conditions.

As the decision was revealed, Herald readers took to social media to react to the news.

Many people are looking forward to having the comfort food and flat pack furniture in easy reach. Commenting on the Worthing Herald’s Facebook page, Alex Napper said: “Watch me drive 20 mins to get a cinnamon roll!”

Yes IKEA supporters New Monks Farm SUS-180410-114029001

Dave Milliard agreed and said he could ‘taste the meatballs already’.

Sandra Buckland said: “Can’t wait to not have to drive to Southampton! Lots of happy people will be getting new homes too and a much needed school.”

Julia Selwood commented that she was ‘looking forward to it’, and agreed with Sandra that it would be nice to have the furniture giant so nearby.

But among the positive comments, familiar fears were raised.

Protest outside New Monks Farm IKEA meeting SUS-180410-114019001

Daniel Orchard gave an overview of common fears around traffic, particularly along the A27 around the Manor Roundabout.

He said: “If you don’t live or are affected by the day-to-day traffic of the A27 (and surrounding roads) I’m sure you think this is great. However, that stretch of the A27, in particular, is a bottleneck for disaster! Ambulances already struggle to battle through the traffic and there is absolutely no other route (the A259 isn’t).

“As a local resident, I wouldn’t mind an IKEA but there should be the infrastructure to support the development! Or at least some effort to lessen impacts. Surely!”

Marcus Cornwell feared the pollution from a ‘bottleneck’ of cars and lorries was going to be terrible. “I haven’t met anyone from the local area that want it. Tell them to stay in Coventry,” he said.

Lyn Pescott questioned whether local infrastructure could handle the influx of new homes. She commented: “Wonderful news but with that many houses being built there is no information for any new doctors, dentists or shops?”

Christopher Drake expressed environmental concerns, including flooding, that have resurfaced throughout the application, despite expert bodies such as the Environment Agency backing suggested mitigation measures.

Christopher called the development ‘absolutely disgusting’ and feared it would add sewage to the Adur, increase flooding risk and create congestion on the A27. He suggested the proposed new roundabout would not do enough to fix the issues.

Kevin Hodges said it would be Lancing residents hit hardest. He said: “Alright for those who don’t live in Lancing. The traffic around here is already bad enough without IKEA and all the houses they are planning to put in and all without the infrastructure to cope with all the extra traffic. Wrong place I’m afraid. I need to get out of Lancing before this all happens. If I don’t, my house will be worth far less.”