Plans for ‘monstrosity’ 5G mast in Worthing rejected

Plans to erect a 5G telecommunications mast in Broadwater have been rejected by Worthing Borough Council.

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 10:36 am

Local traders and councillors had voiced their disapproval at plans to install the 20m high mast on Cricketers Parade, describing it as a ‘monstrosity’, an ‘eye-sore’ and a ‘terrible idea’.

They argued the location was totally out of keeping with this well used local shopping parade and failed to take into account the adjoining heritage areas of Broadwater.

It was a view shared by the council’s development management officers, who rejected Hutchinson UK Ltd’s proposal.

Councillors Val and Bryan Turner and Broadwater campaigner Paisley Thomson at the proposed location for the mast in Cricketers Parade, Broadwater

The refusal notice said: “The proposed mast, by virtue of its siting adjacent to the Broadwater Green Conservation Area and proximity to the Broadwater Conservation Area and height substantially exceeding that of surrounding streetworks and buildings within a well used shopping parade would adversely the visual character of the area and the setting of the adjacent and nearby Conservation Areas.”

Councillor Val Turner said: “I strongly support this refusal. Hutchinson have not demonstrated that the proposed siting of the mast is the most suitable to provide any required telecommunications coverage in the area, and the proximity of nearby Conservation Areas has not been adequately considered in the application submission nor the suitability of any alternative sites in the vicinity.”

Councillor Bryan Turner and local Conservative campaigner Paisley Thomson are now exploring what can be done to protect the area.

Mr Turner said they needed to explore how best to designate the land to stop unacceptable developments, adding he would speak to officers to see how to deter further applications and secure the land ‘for future generations’.