Shoreham boy’s run for Cancer Research is picked up by The Run Bible and raises £3,000 in three days

A Shoreham boy’s bid to raise money for Cancer Research UK, after his baby sister was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, has been picked up and supported by The Run Bible.

Monday, 18th January 2021, 4:39 pm

Ten-year-old Harry Stoner plans to run 56 miles in February, aiming for two miles a day, supported by his mum Kelly Marshall, step-dad Simon Herriott and little sister Evie Herriott.

To help him raise more money, The Run Bible has set up a virtual event, Harry’s Fab Feb Fundraiser for Evie, to run alongside Harry’s effort, with all proceeds going to his cause.

Kelly said: “Harry’s fundraiser has so far has raised more than £3,000 and it’s only been active since Thursday afternoon.

Harry and Evie, Kelly's favourite photo of them both, taken only a month before the diagnosis

“Harry, off his own bat, decided to to raise some money for Cancer Research after his baby sister was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 21 months.

“She was always a healthy and happy little girl and the only reason we found the neuroblastoma was due to her being unable to shake off a cold.”

Harry had bad asthma as a child and Kelly was worried Evie would also have weakness with her chest, so she took her to the doctor.

Kelly said: “The doctor sent her for a chest X-ray and that’s how they found the tumour, which was growing into her spine. So a massive shock to all of us, as she had no symptoms.

“She has currently just finished her chemotherapy and doing really well as we head into surgery and radiotherapy. She’s been amazingly strong and her prognosis is good, due to us finding it when we did.

“This fundraiser has really helped Harry to feel like he is able to do something for Evie and others. It’s taken his mind off Evie’s treatment for a while and brought a bit of positivity back in a negative situation.

“We are overwhelmed by the response the fundraiser has had and are incredibly grateful for every donation and for every comment we have received with get well wishes for Evie.”

It was back in September 2020, when Harry had just turned ten, that Evie was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Simon lost his dad to cancer so Harry wanted to raise some money to help, by running 56 miles in February.

Harry said: “This will be a huge commitment for me. I want to help other children like Evie who are going through cancer treatment.”

Kelly said she had ‘never been more proud. Find Harrys fundraiser for Cancer Research UK on Facebook for more information and to make a donation.

Visit to join Harry’s Fab Feb Fundraiser for Evie. A medal is available for those who complete the challenge.