Tech Girls: Durrington High students inspired to choose tech-related subjects for GCSEs and future career

Year-eight students from Durrington High School joined Albion in the Community for a full-day programme designed to engage more young women in technology at school and for future careers.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 12:15 pm

The group of 12 and 13-year-olds were set an app design task, completed interactive challenges to understand how computers work with commands, explored how search-engine developers tailor results and learned about data encryption and security.

They presented their app ideas to Amex colleagues for feedback and a further Q&A session gave the students an opportunity to ask the team about their technology roles and the key skills required for careers in the sector.

Tech Girls has previously been held at The Amex but the programme has been modified due to coronavirus restrictions. Sessions are currently run by AITC’s qualified teacher in schools, supported virtually by Amex volunteers working from home.

Durrington High School students were set various interactive challenges as part of Tech Girls. Picture: Darren Cool

The Durrington High session included an introduction from Katrina Roberts, senior vice president, technology, at American Express.

Katrina spoke about her passion for technology and the variety of roles she’s undertaken in her 30-year career at the company.

She said: “Tech Girls has been developed to inspire girls like you to choose tech-related GCSE subjects and highlight the benefits of pursuing a career in the technology industry.

“Through initiatives like this, we’re aiming to help address the gender imbalance in tech as part of the company’s strong commitment to inclusion and diversity.”