Watch reconstruction of missing Worthing woman Georgina Gharsallah’s last known movements

A reconstruction of the last known movements of missing Worthing woman Georgina Gharsalla has been created.

Saturday, 21st December 2019, 4:39 pm

The Worthing mother-of-two, aged 32, has now bee missing for 21 months.

She was last seen in the Clifton Food and Wine off-licence store in Clifton Road, Worthing, at 9.30am on March 7, 2018.

Sussex Police recorded Georgina’s disappearance as a suspected homicide earlier this year.

Andrea Gharsallah, Georgina's mother, with the actor who plays Georgina in the reconstruction

Her family have now released their own reconstruction of Georgina’s last movements in the hope of keeping her disappearance in the public eye.

They enlisted the help of a former DCI, Clive Driscoll, as technical advisor on the construction.

He said of the reconstruction: “Everything we can do to bring this tragic case to the public’s attention will help.

“We simply paint the picture of her last hours, what she was wearing, where she went and where she might have been going.”

On the day she vanished, Georgina left her mother’s home at approximately 9.30am.

Georgina wore a grey River Island coat with a white fur collar and carried her thick black hair in her usual bun high up and messy.

She held two plastic bags containing her broken mobile phone and some mobile phone parts.

Sometime between 9.45am and 10.10am she entered the ‘Clifton Food and Wine’ shop on Clifton Road, north of the town centre.

She was having issues with her mobile phone and talked with the shopkeeper about her options.

She left the shop heading up Clifton Road towards the town centre.

The CCTV provided by the shop was the last verified sighting of her for 16 months until Sussex Police discovered an eight second CCTV clip of someone they believe could be Georgina walking with an unidentified woman in the centre of Worthing, along Chapel Road, about half a mile away (0.8km) from the last sighting nearly six hours earlier, on Clifton Road.

This clip may be the last evidence of Georgina alive, according to her fammily.

Georgina’s mobile phone was not working properly and was last registered by a telephone mast near her mother’s home mid-morning on the day she disappeared.

In the reconstruction, Georgina is played by 25-year-old Donya Dirandae, who said the process had been ‘so emotional’.

She said: “Her mum, Andrea is so strong. We talked about Georgina’s movement, actions and personality.

“I am so happy to help. I lost my Dad just eight months ago suddenly and I can share her sense of loss but at least I have some small sense of closure.

“I really hope that this reconstruction can help in some small way to help find the answers her family need.”

As a result of a plea made by Georgina’s mother, a podcast about Georgina’s disappearance has now been created.

The investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre and ex-Policeman and documentary producer Steve Langridge made the podcast ‘Find Georgina’ which will be released on the anniversary of her disappearance on March 7th in 2020.

Mr MacIntyre said: “We are delighted to respond to Andrea’s plea for help investigating her daughter’s disappearance. We are confident of making a difference.”