Wick Parade parking ‘like the dark ages’ as complaints flood in

Parking in Wick Parade is ‘going back to the dark ages’ at the hands of a new operator, according to Littlehampton’s mayor.

Wednesday, 17th March 2021, 12:28 pm

Now 49-year-old Nikki Matthews, of Beaconsfield Road, has said she was fined £60 for pulling into the car park to change her sat nav.

After her appeal to the operator, UK Car Park Management (CPM), was rejected, she tried to lodge an independent appeal that required a 10-digit case code provided by CPM.

Nikki Matthews from Littlehampton was given a parking ticket for stopping in a car park for 2 minutes to change her sat nav. Pic S Robards SR2103131 SUS-210313-165114001

The company ignored four requests for the code, she said, only responding when Mr Chace got in touch.

Nikki was told she could only appeal through a company of CPM’s choosing, at a non-refundable cost of £15.

It was then rejected on the grounds that stopping in the car park, for any length of time, is classed as parking. Most public car parks offer at least a five-minute grace period.

“To be honest, they are opportunists,” said Nikki. “I try not to park there at all anymore because it’s just threatening behaviour.”

Mr Chace, mayor and town councillor, said he has been trying to find the landowner to complain.

“It’s just going back into the dark ages, it’s like stepping back in time to 20 years ago,” he said. “They are charging people but then making it so hard for people to appeal by putting roadblocks in place.

“It’s particularly frightening for elderly residents who will just see the fine notice and pay it straight away.”

CPM did not respond to several requests for comment.