Worthing GCSE students experience history on trip to Berlin

History students from Durrington High School spent three action-packed days in Berlin to experience a city with historical significance.

The group of 52 year ten and 11 GCSE students visited many famous monuments and areas during their time in Germany, with their first stop being the German-Russian Museum.

Durrington High students at the Berlin Allied Museum

Durrington High students at the Berlin Allied Museum

During a walking tour of the city, they took in exhibits at the German Historical Museum, saw the Brandenburg Gate, visited the Fuhrer Bunker and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

They took a trip up the Bundestag to the dome of the Reichstag, which was one student's highlight of the trip. She said: "Listening to the history of Berlin as we travelled up and being able to see everything was amazing and gave me a better understanding of how the buildings had changed."

A traditional meal at the Pavilion restaurant on the first evening gave students the opportunity to sample German sausages.

They also spent time visiting the Allied Museum and the Berlin Wall Documentation Centre, where they saw a preserved section of the Berlin wall.

A visit to Checkpoint Charlie was followed by the Stasi Prison, which made an impact on students. One student said: "The Stasi Prison was really eye-opening and made me realise the kind of lives people had."

The final stop off before heading back to the airport was Alexanderplatz, the heart of old East Berlin. Students could admire the Soviet era architecture and murals but also had an opportunity for shopping which they enjoyed, being particularly impressed by the tech shops and size of the shopping plaza.

History teacher Georgina Eastment, who organised the trip, said "It is really helpful for students to cement their learning during a trip such as this. Being able to experience the many historical landmarks and museums in Berlin is a fantastic opportunity that allows them to relate what they learn in the classroom to real life."

The students agreed with this, one student said: "Having the chance to see things, such as the model of the gas chambers in the German History Museum, made me feel really emotional.

"It gave me a better understanding of what happened and this experience will help me remember what I have learnt."


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