Worthing girl donates her beloved long hair ‘to make a little girl really happy’

A Worthing girl who has always adored her long hair has decided to have it cut to help Little Princess Trust make wigs for children with cancer.

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 2:49 pm

Cerys Strange, nine, from High Salvington suggested making the donation – and even when her mum pointed out how short this would leave her beloved hair, she persisted.

Parents Amanda and Alan Strange said it was a testament to their daughter’s love and compassion in these difficult times of lockdown.

Amanda said: “It was her own idea. She has decided to donate 12in to the charity Little Princess Trust, supporting children who have lost their hair to cancer and other conditions, while encouraging others to donate to the Teenage Cancer Trust. We are very proud of her.

Cerys Strange is donating 12in of her hair to Little Princess Trust
Cerys Strange is donating 12in of her hair to Little Princess Trust

“I was brushing her hair one day and said ‘you are so lucky having beautiful long hair, some children would love to have that’.

“She asked what I meant. I spoke about children who had cancer and lost their hair through treatment, or through other conditions, such as alopecia.

“Cerys’ awareness of cancer has increased recently from TV and me talking about a friend of mine, the mother of a child she knows from her Kung Fu classes.”

Amanda showed her daughter videos from the charity’s website and explained that some people donated their hair.

Cerys Strange is donating 12in of her hair to Little Princess Trust

A couple of days later, Cerys, a pupil at St John the Baptist Primary School in Findon, told Amanda she had been thinking that she would like to donate her hair ‘because it could make a little girl really happy’.

Amanda said Cerys had always adored her long hair and she knew it would be a big step for her to have it cut.

She added: “I said that her dad and I would support her but she had to think about it carefully as it would be a big change for her. We had decided that Cerys could give away 10in of her hair and although short, she would still be comfortable with the length of the hair – she didn’t want to go really short.

“Cerys persisted with this idea and we re-looked at the website. I noticed that the wording stated that they would prefer 12in as they could do more with it. When I demonstrated how short this would make her hair, I knew she was not keen. However, Cerys just said ‘If it helps the children, then I will donate more. They have to use it as much as they can’.

“Cerys is the kindest, sweetest girl with a compassionate heart. I then shared that she could maybe be sponsored to raise money for a cancer charity. She could not believe that people would pay to support her idea and was very keen. We chose the Teenage Cancer Trust to make it more relatable, as she is approaching her teenage years.

“Cerys is blown away by the support that she has received. Alan and I are proud of her idea, and heart, to help others and are very grateful for those that are supporting the charity, encouraging Cerys.

“Cerys’ little sister Nia has always wanted long hair like Cerys. She looks up to Cerys, they are very close. Nia is inspired by what Cerys is doing and says that one day she will do the same!”