Worthing reacts to Amy Hart's Love Island exit: "She put the love into Love Island"

The way Amy handled her decision to leave was widely praised by Worthing viewers. Picture: ITV
The way Amy handled her decision to leave was widely praised by Worthing viewers. Picture: ITV

Worthing has reacted to Amy Hart's Love Island exit.

The 26-year-old air hostess decided to leave the villa in the episode that aired on Tuesday night.

In an emotional moment, Amy pulled former 'half boyfriend' Curtis Pritchard to one side to tell him about her plans.

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She told the 23-year-old ballroom dancer she was still in love with him, but had to leave so that she could get over him and he could find someone else in the villa.

While holding hands and crying together, she said: "I hope you find someone that makes you so, so happy."

On Facebook, people commented in droves to praise Amy for the dignified way she left.

Emma Hyam said: "Go girl, your man is out there. Literally an emotional wreck! She put the love into Love Island."

To the social media trolls, Emma Martin had this to say: "For all you haters, that there is a true amazing lady with a heart of gold.

"You should be so proud of yourself Amy!!!

"And you will find love someone who deserves your love.

"My god I’m crying my eyes out!!!!


Charlotte Owen added: "Well done lovely Amy, you have shown yourself to be an honest, kind and genuine lady. Xx"

Tammy Hewitt said: "What a lovely girl. She proved tonight that she went in for love. "

Julie Mates described Amy as an 'absolutely amazingly genuine girl', adding: "The uttermost respect for Amy, handled that like an absolute queen!

"Learnt one of the hardest life lessons in being heart broken but not in private, on TV with hundreds of people watching and judging. She handled it so well and deserves every happiness in her future x"

Chris Chatterton said: "The actions of one with maturity beyond her years. Would a “Wannabe”walk away, after weeks of public scrutiny, from the Golden Ticket."

Val Watson added: "I didn't feel sorry for Amy tonight. I admired her, she showed herself to be a women not a girl. Friends is always in my opinion what any female will ever be to Curtis."

Charlene Susanne Fullwood said Amy's exit left her 'crying her eyes out'. She said: "Amy should be so proud of herself and I'm sure her family are. Really wasn't expecting her exit to be like that.

"They were all upset in the villa and these are people that have got to know Amy, not haters sitting behind a keyboard being nasty!!"