Worthing residents fear busy road is ‘putting lives at risk’

A group of Worthing residents have launched a campaign to improve road safety and accessibility in their area.

Monday, 21st June 2021, 12:57 pm

The Langdale Mansions Residents Association in Heene have teamed up with local borough and county councillors to address highways issues outside their apartments in Mill Road.

Roger Frost, a member of the residents association, said the lack of parking spaces locally meant drivers obstructed pavements on the north side of the road.

“Although we feel some sympathy for them, unfortunately they are putting lives at risk by blocking the view of drivers exiting Langdale Mansions onto the busy A259,” said Roger.

Members of the Langdale Mansions Residents Association with Labour councillors SUS-210621-125402001
Members of the Langdale Mansions Residents Association with Labour councillors SUS-210621-125402001

“Pedestrians also have trouble negotiating the pavement between Downview Road and Belsize Road because parked vehicles regularly reduce much of the footpath to single file passage only.

“This not only makes it awkward for people with pushchairs and buggies, but anyone wishing to cross the road has to walk out in between closely parked vehicles to get a clear view of the traffic.

“Many residents have experienced near misses over the course of the last few months and I feel sure that if nothing is done then there will be an accident involving either a pedestrian or another road user very soon.”

The entrance to the Langdale Mansions apartments is on a busy stretch of the A259 with well-used bus stops outside and on the opposite side of the road.

Residents said the build-up of traffic also prevents emergency service vehicles from getting close to surrounding buildings and makes the job of waste collectors ‘almost impossible’.

They have called for a traffic regulation order (TRO), which would prevent people from parking in places that restrict their safe view and access.

Worthing West Sussex county councillor Beccy Cooper and Heene’s Labour councillor Emma Taylor have given the residents their support.

Emma said: “During my election campaign, I spoke with over 1,000 residents in Heene and the number one issue that they raised was related to inconsiderate parking and the poor state of our pavements. This is a serious safety concern but also a major issue of inequality. Not everyone owns a car and others chose not to.

“We are living in a climate emergency and we need to look urgently at ways to reduce our car usage. So in addition to the TRO I also want to campaign for more affordable and flexible public transport solutions and that cycling and walking is made safer for everybody. I feel strongly that private vehicles do not belong on public pavements and really do not want to see any barriers to people getting out and accessing their local area on foot.”