Worthing school showcases students’ fantastic creations

Fantastic art and photography created by students at St Andrew’s High School in Worthing went on display in a public exhibition showcasing various GCSE projects.

Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 5:37 pm

The end-of-year show at the Sackville Road school on Saturday was a huge success and staff are looking to build on it by hosting even more exhibitions and community events next year.

Caroline Woodward, head of creative and expressive arts, said: “More than 80 people arrived throughout the day to come and see the wide breadth of work on display. Many people expressed their delight at the work on show and were impressed with the level of creativity and inventiveness shown throughout.

“Overall, it was fantastic to see all the student’s hard work paying off and appreciated by so many. This is only the beginning for the bright future of the school and of the creative and expressive arts department at St Andrew’s High School.”

Oldenburg-inspired pop art cakes made by year-nine students

Work on show included digital manipulations, looking at abstract shapes and overlapping colour, plus sculptural pieces inspired by the work of Henry Moore and natural forms.

The show also included creative 3-D cakes made by year-nine students, inspired by Oldenburg and the pop art movement.

Caroline added: “This was a great addition to the show and was a good opportunity for the public to see work at key stage three.

“As an extra addition to the show, St Andrew’s was also lucky enough to be given several big makes from local schools. These were shown in the children’s parade and show the community effort in Worthing.”

Visitors wore impressed by the standard of work at St Andrew's High School in Worthing

Visitors were able to see photography work commemorating the centenary of World War One and for those who missed it, these images are still on display at Worthing railway station as part of the Community Rail Partnership scheme.

Students' work exploring natural forms