Permission granted for second micropub

W49060H13-Inspirations''GV of Inspirations hairdressses which is to be turned into a micropub. Worthing.
W49060H13-Inspirations''GV of Inspirations hairdressses which is to be turned into a micropub. Worthing.

PERMISSION has been granted to turn a hairdressers in Worthing into a micropub.

Despite opposition from local residents, Worthing Borough Council’s planning committee approved the application submitted by Nicholas Little to convert the South Farm Road premises.

The pub will not have a bar and will have a closing time of 9.30pm.

Resident James Percival spoke against the application on the grounds of increased traffic, more noise and future developments.

He said: “If I had wanted to live opposite a pub I would have. I objected to the Chinese restaurant next door because of the disturbance.

“The shops on that stretch open predominantly from 9am to 5.30pm, and we do not want another place opening with extended hours.

“Our properties are very pleasant and we have been there for 30 years. If we approve a drinking establishment there is no reason in the future that someone could apply to make this a full pub and we are very concerned about that.

“Smoking outside houses and gardens is an absolute disaster. We do not want second hand smoke near us nor do we want people being dropped off at all hours.”

Stuart Elms, chairman of the local branch of CAMRA, the campaign for real ale, said: “I am in support of this application and I would suggest that it ticks all the boxes for the Localism agenda.

“Real ale drinkers are a responsible group from all ages and walks of life who like a small environment and seek out locally produced products.”

Mr Little said: “We too are saddened by the behaviour of youths under the influence and would in no way seek to add to the problem.

“We want to offer customers a different way where they can relax in quiet surroundings. It is similar to a cafe where drinks are served to the table, and the premises would be sound-proofed.

“We are offering this area of Worthing a great meeting place with some drinks and pre-prepared snacks that we are proud of.”

Councillor Noel Atkinsa said: “I give this my full support and I think that it is important that we encourage businesses like this.”

Councillor Michael Cloake added: “I am excited by this and having another pub of this sort in Worthing I think could be really popular. This style of pub is rather more like having a drink in your living room with friends.”