Petition may force county hall debate

Mike and Rosemary Miles on their wedding day
Mike and Rosemary Miles on their wedding day

A WOMAN who lost her husband in an accident at Gatwick Airport is close to forcing West Sussex County Council to debate safety measures for airport staff.

Rosemary Miles of Chester Avenue, Lancing, is campaigning for mandatory safety helmets for workers in the haulage industry after her aircraft-loader husband Mike’s fatal fall last year.

The petition has gathered more than 2,000 signatures, the number needed to force a debate at West Sussex County Council.

“Please bear in mind that most airports in the South of England have a lot of pressure to expand,” said Mrs Miles.

“Combine this with unhealthy, tiring patterns of shift work and the risk of death and injury will increase with larger workforces in future.”

Worthing Council’s cabinet and Lancing Parish Council have signed the petition.

Mrs Miles will address Adur Council on June 12, and hopes to address West Sussex County Council in the next few months.

“All these councils would have had to make decisions on budgets for care of severely disabled residents as a result of life-changing accidents,” said Mrs Miles.

“Had Michael survived the fall, he would have needed total 24-hour care for the remainder of a very poor-quality life.

“Add in costs of NHS care, the airlift and intensive care unit costs, and the price of a £60 impact-resistant helmet is nothing.”

The petition can be found online at