Phone scam in Worthing and Adur

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Residents in Adur and Worthing are being warned about a phone and email scam where the caller tricks the receiver into handing over personal information.

People have been contacted by phone and email by a person who claimed she or he is a Metropolitan Police officer. This person then tells the victim their details have been found during a police investigation and they need to check to see if the information matches what police have found.

In some cases money has even been transferred to this person from a victim’s bank account.

Upon investigation this person is believed not to be a police officer and is attempting to gather personal information from unsuspecting and trusting residents.

Kevin Brown, public engagement officer for Adur and Worthing, said: “We would like to stress that police would never ask you to transfer money to us nor would we ask for such information by phone.

“Should you be contacted by anybody who clams to be from the police, we suggest you ask for the person’s individual warrant number and then call the police force they claim to be from by dialling 101 to confirm the person’s identity.

“Never give your personal details to anybody over the phone that you don’t know to be who they say they are without checking first. If in doubt call the police on 101.”