PICTURES: Fun with royalty and history for Worthing Children’s Parade

BEEFEATERS, King Arthur and Henry the Eight enjoyed a windy march around Worthing.

That is because they were among the structures created by school pupils for the annual Worthing Children’s Parade.

Held on Saturday, the event saw 17 schools from across the town take part in a parade from, which this year had a royal theme.

Despite the windy weather, the parade snaked its way from Splash Point along the seafront, up West Buildings and back down Montague Street, before arriving at Steyne Gardens for a fair.

Organiser Lindy Stannard said: “I think the event is getting better every year, and as always this time, the children seemed to really enjoy it. When we prayed for it not to rain, we didn’t think about the wind, but I think if we hadn’t had the wind it might have been too hot for the children, so actually it was perfect.”

Watch the slideshow to see all the photographs taken at the parade.