Playground equipment in Durrington damaged by bonfire

The damaged playground equipment
The damaged playground equipment

Firefighters have warned against building bonfires in public areas after a blaze damaged park equipment.

Play equipment in Pennycress Avenue, Durrington, was left damaged after a bonfire was lit and not properly put out.

It is believed the fire was started last Tuesday night.

But when firefighters arrived to put it out the fire on Wednesday at around 10am, it was still smouldering.

It left damage on the equipment, underneath the climbing frames and on the Tarmac and protective rubber surface on the ground.

The blaze was discovered by an on-duty park attendant last Wednesday.

It was put out by firefighters within minutes.

Rob Munday, from Worthing fire station’s white watch, said it was a reminder for people to be careful about where they built bonfires.

He said: “People shouldn’t be starting bonfires in play areas or public places.”