Playgroup celebrates 40 years

W25026H13 Ashdown Playgroup's 40th Anniversary
W25026H13 Ashdown Playgroup's 40th Anniversary

A PLAYGROUP celebrated its 40-year anniversary with a buffet, a bouncy castle and a sponge cake baked by the staff and children.

The Ashdown Road playgroup in Worthing is managed by Eileen Gardiner who has been in charge for almost five years, and has worked there for 14.

Eileen said: “They had a great time and it was a really good day.”

The staff put up photos of the playgroup from the year it opened so the current children could see what life was like 40 years ago.

All the children and their parents were at the celebration.

Eileen said she enjoyed sitting and chatting with the parents and the fact that it was more relaxed than usual.

She said: “It was nice for everyone to just chill out and relax and enjoy the day.”

The bouncy castle came courtesy of Dave Hunt, former Splash FM DJ.

Eileen said she wanted to thank all the parents and staff for supporting the playgroup.

According to Eileen, she has never had to advertise the not-for-profit organisation, and relies on word of mouth to keep the playgroup full.

The fees paid by parents go towards paying the staff wages, and equipment is bought with the help of various grants.

Eileen said: “Thank you to all the wonderful staff who put a lot of time and effort into making it a special day for the children.”