Police offer advice to vehicle owners in Adur and Worthing

Police are advising vehicle owners, after a spate of thefts
Police are advising vehicle owners, after a spate of thefts

POLICE are advising vehicle owners on how to safeguard their property, following a spate of thefts from vehicles and of bicycles in Adur and Worthing.

Cars and vans should always be locked and windows and sunroofs shut whenever they are left unattended, even if only for a few minutes. Insecure vehicles are a prime target for opportunist thieves.

Small items such as satellite navigation units, tools, handbags, mobile phones, purses and wallets should be removed from parked vehicles or at least hidden from view. Items left on display are again an open invitation to thieves.

Bicycles should be secured with a strong quality lock and ideally with more than one, making it more difficult to remove wheels and other components separately. It is always best to use designated cycle parks rather than street furniture.

Shaun Polley, public engagement officer for Adur and Worthing, said: “Bikes and other valuable items can be registered for free on www.immobilise.com, so that in the event they are stolen, they are much easier to trace.

“Bikes can also be marked for free at your local police station and details added to the bike registry.”