340 homes and a care home planned for HMRC site in Durrington: residents give their views

The public has had its say on plans for around 340 new homes and a care home on the former HMRC site.

In March, it was confirmed that the 900 person-strong team would be leaving the premises in Barrington Road, Durrington, in 2021 and moving to the redeveloped Teville Gate House site in the town centre.

A consultation was held on Thursday by Cannon Capital Developments to test the waters with the public over its proposals, which included around 220 apartments, ranging from one-bedroom flats to four-bedroom houses, a 68-bed care home and around 115 individual one and two-bedroom retirement apartments and outdoor green spaces.

Lois Giles, 55, from Melbourne Road, Worthing, lived nearby with her sons Reuben, 14, and Jethro, 21.

She said: “I’m concerned there will be a piddly amount of social housing.”

Reuben did not want developers to interfere with the flora and fauna growing on the footpath on the southern boundary of the site. He said: “Sometimes chaos has a beauty to it, and the wildlife there can be quite moving.”

In their consultation materials, the developers said they would ‘retain as much existing landscaping as possible’ and ‘retain and enhance the footpath’.

Matt Hawkins, managing director at Cannon Capital Developments, said: “We have had really good feedback today and we have had a lot of people turn up.”

Ian Greves is an architect who works for Rolfe Judd, the firm behind the designs.

He said the aim of the designs was for the development to ‘plug in’ and ‘feel like it has always been there’. He said: “It belongs to Worthing and Durrington; it isn’t an alien form that has been dropped in.”

Mr Hawkins hoped to submit a planning application to Worthing Borough Council this year.

Residents can submit their feedback to the plans ccd@camargue.uk before Friday, August 9.