Adur councillors vote down five per cent allowance rise

Shoreham Centre
Shoreham Centre

Councillors in Adur unanimously rejected a five per cent increase in their allowance at a meeting last night (Thursday, November 2).

It was agreed that the rise would be the same as any received by council staff, which is likely to be one per cent.

In September, an independent panel recommended Adur members receive a five per cent increase in their allowance, with the aim of bringing parity with councillors in Worthing.

Worthing Borough Council members receive a basic allowance of £4,785 – more than the £4,336 collected by Adur district councillors.

However, after a motion was put forward by councillor Angus Dunn at a full council meeting at the Shoreham Centre last night, the recommendation was voted down.

Mr Dunn, deputy leader of Adur District Council, said after the meeting: “I would like to thank the members of the independent remuneration panel for their work in proposing allowances for Adur members for the coming year.

“While the independent panel recommend parity for Adur councillors with our neighbours in Worthing, given the current financial situation I believe it would be inappropriate for members to receive an percentage increase above council staff.

“That is why I proposed the rise for next year is the same for councillors as staff.

“I’m pleased this amendment received the unanimous support of other members from all sides of the chamber.”

Labour councillor Lee Cowen said: “I’ve been vocal about the joint governance committee’s recommendation to award councillors a five per cent increase to their allowances and that we wouldn’t accept more than the one per cent public sector pay cap.

“We had a prepared amendment.

“We welcome the change of heart and now that Conservative councillors have shown solidarity with our public sector workers, maybe they can go one step further and lobby Tim Loughton MP to campaign for the one per cent pay cap to be lifted.”

In neighbouring authorities, allowances for councillors in Arun stand at £5,166, at £4.725 in Chichester and more than £6,000 in Crawley, according to the renumeration panel.