Council leader Paul Yallop’s allowance came under scrutiny

THE leader of Worthing Borough Council will likely see his annual allowance increase by just over £2,000, despite recommendations to increase it by 60 per cent.

Last week, the Herald reported that Paul Yallop could see his allowance rocket from £11,364 to £18,000 if councillors agreed with a report put together by the joint independent remuneration panel.

But on Thursday (June 14), at a meeting of the joint governance and audit committee, after discussing the report it was decided councillors should only be able to claim one special responsibility allowance (SRA), meaning Mr Yallop would not be able to claim more than £13,500 – an increase of 18.79 per cent.

The meeting, held at the Adur Civic Centre, in Ham Road, Shoreham, also recommended all policy advisers and members of the planning committee should lose their SRA, but all these decisions still have to be ratified at an upcoming meeting of the full council.

Other recommendations were that the basic allowance for councillors should increase from £3,897 to £4,500, and that all SRAs were worked out as a percentage of this base sum.

Mr Yallop has not seen the recommendations in full yet, but said he is happy to support them. “I would be pleased to support proposals which encourage more young councillors. Those of us who still have to work need a degree of compensation to make up for lost earnings from employment.”