Adur and Worthing Councils to get tough on litter and illegal parking this summer

Extra enforcement officers are being drafted in to tackle people visiting Adur and Worthing this summer who litter and park illegally.

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 4:16 pm

With popular areas likely to be busy as lockdown ends, a message has been issued by Adur and Worthing Councils that people should take rubbish home with them and park their cars only in car parks or clearly identified on-street spaces.

Officers with the power to hand out on-the-spot fines of £75 will be on duty across the area throughout the summer.

Extra litter bins are in place throughout the summer months and while refuse operators empty them up to four times a day there are still people who leave rubbish around the bins when they are full. This will the focus of a crackdown with the message: if it’s full take it home.

Adur and Worthing councils are getting tough on people who park illegally and leave litter this summer

Motorists trying to get to beaches often park illegally on roads and pathways potentially blocking emergency vehicles and disabled access. Shoreham Beach is a particular pinch point as is Goring Gap, both of which will be the target of enforcement action.

Councillor Emma Evans, Adur District Council’s executive member for the environment, said: “Of course we are looking forward to seeing visitors and locals alike out and about enjoying the summer but we are asking people to be sensible and don’t spoil it for others.

“It should be obvious to everyone that you shouldn’t leave litter strewn across our parks and beaches but also please don’t leave it next to bins. If it can’t be placed in a particular bin find another or take it home with you. Leaving it out exposes it to seagulls and scavengers and creates environmental pollution.”

Councillor Edward Crouch, Worthing Borough Council’s executive member for digital and environmental services, added: “Similarly there are plenty of public car parks and on-street parking areas and excellent public transport networks.

“There is no need to park illegally and it will not be tolerated.

“Even with enforcement officers, we know we can’t be everywhere this summer so we are, above all else, asking people to be sensible and not spoil what should be a great summer.”

In the summer bins in Adur District are emptied up to three times a day and in Worthing up to four times a day because of the number of visitors. Extra 240 litre sized bins are placed on the seafront in summer.

Between May and September, the councils’ refuse staff collect around 470 tonnes of non-domestic rubbish, roughly 3,240kg per day in Adur, and for Worthing 9,288kg per day. That is the equivalent of the weight of seven Ford Fiestas in Worthing every day.

Similarly there are approximately 3,417 off street car park spaces in Adur & Worthing and regular train and bus services to the towns and villages.