Hundreds of residents express their concerns about fortnightly bin collections in Adur and Worthing

As Worthing & Adur Councils prepare to move to fortnightly bin collections, hundreds of residents have expressed their concerns at the change.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 5:05 pm
Worthing & Adur Councils are launching fortnightly bin collections. Photo: Simon Dack/Vervate
Worthing & Adur Councils are launching fortnightly bin collections. Photo: Simon Dack/Vervate

Yesterday, the Herald published details of how the councils have started sending information leaflets to all households in the area, explaining the changes and giving a hard-copy timetable for refuse pick-ups.

Residents took to our Facebook page to share their views at the halving of collections, with many of them negative.

Susan Mitchell said: “Family of 5 and my bins are full every wk. I’m recycle everything I can daily. This is ridiculous!! Our taxes go up and our services go down.”

Nicole Back added: “How about start reducing the amount of useless packaging then put something like this in place? Completely impossible to do so if everything is in packaging.”

Richard Hewer: “Can’t wait for overflowing bins... just in time for the summer.. I do wonder if the Worthing councillors live in an area where its fortnightly??! Or is it a respectable once a week?”

“Ridiculous,” was how Melanie Pelham branded it. “I have 2 recycle bins which are filled and collected fortnightly already and our rubbish bin is filled and ready to overfill every week by collection day - it will be a nightmare.”

Others expressed concerns about increased flytipping.

Lauren S Bacon said: “This is going to encourage fly tipping.”

Margaret Sommerford added: “Stupid idea there be more rubbish on the streets.”

And some felt they should see a reduction in council tax as a result.

Sharon Maria Rhodes: “As long as our council tax is reduced.”

Anna Ferrey: “Hope this will be reflected in our council tax bills?”

But there were some commenters who did not think it would be a problem.

Andy Sayers said: “Who knows, perhaps people might think twice and it help reduce food waste? You can already buy composting bins at subsidised rates.”

Kara Niven added: “I am originally from Worthing but now live in the Midlands where we have had this system for at least the last 9 years. I don’t hear anyone complaining, or see overflowing bins, or any of the issues raised. We do have weekly food waste collections, I don’t see that mentioned here, which obviously stops the smell from the general waste. I had two children in nappies and still didn’t fill the general waste in two weeks.”

The move to fortnightly collections is due to start on September 16.