Here are candidates standing at Worthing Borough Council election

A total of 11 of 37 seats at Worthing Borough Council are up for election later this week.

Monday, 29th April 2019, 11:52 am
Updated Monday, 29th April 2019, 11:53 am
Worthing Borough Council elections are being held on Thursday May 2
Worthing Borough Council elections are being held on Thursday May 2

Voters will have their say in every ward apart from Durrington and Northbrook.

Polling day is Thursday May 2.

Here are all the candidates standing for election across 11 wards:

BROADWATER (one seat)

John Apsey, Liberal Democrats; Richard Battson, Green Party; Nigel Morgan, Conservatives; Dawn Smith, Labour.

CASTLE (one seat)

Stuart Field, UKIP; Lionel Harman, Conservatives; Matt Hoyland, Liberal Democrats; Samuel Theodoridi, Labour; Julian Warrick, Green Party.

CENTRAL (one seat):

Christine Brown, Liberal Democrats; Diane Guest, Conservatives; Jo Paul, Green Party; Sally Smith, Labour.

GAISFORD (one seat)

Henna Chowdhury, Labour; Caroline Griffiths, Liberal Democrats; Bryan Turner, Conservatives.

GORING (one seat):

David Aherne, Green Party; Roy Barraclough, Conservatives; Richard Bater, UKIP; Cyril Cannings, Liberal Democrats; Stephanie Powell, Labour.

HEENE (one seat)

Christine Allen, Liberal Democrats; Joshy High, Independent; Joseph Pearce, Green Party; Gavin Poole, Conservatives; Helen Silman, Labour.

MARINE (one seat)

Samuel Baeza, Labour; Antony Brown, Liberal Democrats; Sue Jelliss, UKIP; Karen North, Green Party; Tim Wills, Conservatives.

OFFINGTON (one seat)

Daniel Humphreys, Conservatives; Emma Norton, Liberal Democrats; Jon Roser, Labour; John Strange, UKIP.

SALVINGTON (one seat)

Noel Atkins, Conservatives; Michael Jelliss, UKIP; Melanie Ling, Green Party; Keith Sunderland, Liberal Democrats; Emma Taylor, Labour.

SELDEN (one seat)

Alex Harman, Conservatives; Yvonne Leonard, Liberal Democrats; Carl Walker, Labour; Madeleine Weaver, Green Party.

TARRING (one seat)

Toby Brothers, UKIP; Martin Mccabe, Liberal Democrats; Richard Nowak, Conservatives; Dominic Rhoden, Green Party; Rosey Whorlow, Labour.

Who is not standing again

Former leader Paul Yallop is not seeking re-election, nor is Tarring’s Tom Wye or Central’s Clive Roberts.

Meanwhile Josh High, who was previously a Conservative, is standing as an independent this time around.

Since the Conservatives have a healthy majority, they would need to take only two seats on Thursday to keep their majority.