Hundreds of residents express their concerns about fortnightly bin collections in Adur and Worthing

Worthing & Adur Councils are launching fortnightly bin collections. Photo: Simon Dack/Vervate
Worthing & Adur Councils are launching fortnightly bin collections. Photo: Simon Dack/Vervate

As Worthing & Adur Councils prepare to move to fortnightly bin collections, hundreds of residents have expressed their concerns at the change.

Yesterday, the Herald published details of how the councils have started sending information leaflets to all households in the area, explaining the changes and giving a hard-copy timetable for refuse pick-ups.

Residents took to our Facebook page to share their views at the halving of collections, with many of them negative.

Susan Mitchell said: “Family of 5 and my bins are full every wk. I’m recycle everything I can daily. This is ridiculous!! Our taxes go up and our services go down.”

Nicole Back added: “How about start reducing the amount of useless packaging then put something like this in place? Completely impossible to do so if everything is in packaging.”

Richard Hewer: “Can’t wait for overflowing bins... just in time for the summer.. I do wonder if the Worthing councillors live in an area where its fortnightly??! Or is it a respectable once a week?”

“Ridiculous,” was how Melanie Pelham branded it. “I have 2 recycle bins which are filled and collected fortnightly already and our rubbish bin is filled and ready to overfill every week by collection day - it will be a nightmare.”

Others expressed concerns about increased flytipping.

Lauren S Bacon said: “This is going to encourage fly tipping.”

Margaret Sommerford added: “Stupid idea there be more rubbish on the streets.”

And some felt they should see a reduction in council tax as a result.

Sharon Maria Rhodes: “As long as our council tax is reduced.”

Anna Ferrey: “Hope this will be reflected in our council tax bills?”

But there were some commenters who did not think it would be a problem.

Andy Sayers said: “Who knows, perhaps people might think twice and it help reduce food waste? You can already buy composting bins at subsidised rates.”

Kara Niven added: “I am originally from Worthing but now live in the Midlands where we have had this system for at least the last 9 years. I don’t hear anyone complaining, or see overflowing bins, or any of the issues raised. We do have weekly food waste collections, I don’t see that mentioned here, which obviously stops the smell from the general waste. I had two children in nappies and still didn’t fill the general waste in two weeks.”

The move to fortnightly collections is due to start on September 16.