MP Amber Rudd reveals how realistic BBC drama Bodyguard really is

Amber Rudd offered an insight into the relationship between a Home Secretary and their personal bodyguard as she faced questions on the realism of the BBC's hit drama Bodyguard.

Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 5:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 6th September 2018, 5:43 am
Amber Rudd

Appearing on the BBC’s new Politics Live show on Monday, the Hastings MP said she ‘couldn’t possibly comment’ when asked by Jo Coburn if the show – which centres on a fictional home secretary and the newest member of her security detail – reminded her of anyone.

Later in the show, Ms Rudd was asked whether the show was realistic, to which she replied: “Certain aspects of it but I couldn’t comment on the others.”

When asked to expand her comments, the former Home Secretary said: “Well, the aspects that are quite truthful are the business of having your bodyguards there the whole time, making sure that you’re safe all the time.

“And that security comes before politics.”

Before the show aired in August, Keeley Hawes, who stars as Julia Montague, a Tory MP serving as Home Secretary, was quoted by the Radio Times as saying she took ‘a good look at Amber Rudd’ as part of her preparation for the role.

She added: “She (Ms Rudd) was just a brilliant example of the life that Julia is living.”

Writing in The Times on August 26 after hearing of this interview, Ms Rudd said: “Suddenly this was a show I couldn’t miss.”

Ms Rudd confessed there were a number of occasions when the show reached unrealistic levels but said it does ‘highlight the interesting dynamic between a minister and her protection officers’.

She added: “On the one hand there’s a constant professional distance, but on the other you become incredibly close.

“Bodyguard is not wholly faithful to real life, but I wouldn’t watch it if it were, because most of the time the life is dull... until it’s not.

“When that happens, you would be damn lucky to find yourself next to the men and women from my protection detail.”

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