West Sussex councils and the voluntary sector pledge to work together

An agreement between councils and the voluntary sector to work more closely when delivering services in West Sussex has been refreshed.

West Sussex Compact is a pledge agreed by West Sussex County Council, district and borough councils, community groups and voluntary organisations to work together for the benefit of people in the county.

It guides how organisations should work with each other and sets out codes of good practice for volunteering, running community groups, equality, consultations, policy development, funding, commissioning, and asset transfer and joint bidding.

First launched in 2001, the West Sussex Compact was refreshed in 2005 and then revised in 2007 to reflect national changes and local progress, before being resigned on November 6.

County council leader Louise Goldsmith said: “With the current pressure on public spending and changes in how services are delivered to people, organisations have to embrace each other to get through these challenging times. It is heartening to know by signing the Compact, we all have the same commitment to work together to serve our communities.”