Worthing Borough Council election results - Labour make gains but Conservatives retain majority

Labour has made large gains but the Conservatives have retained a majority by their fingertips after election results were announced this afternoon (Sunday May 9).

Monday, 10th May 2021, 9:48 am
Newly-elected Labour Worthing borough councillors celebrate
Newly-elected Labour Worthing borough councillors celebrate

Earlier the Conservatives kept their majority at Adur District Council.

While the Tories kept all the Adur divisions at West Sussex County Council, Labour took five of nine Worthing seats.

At Worthing, 13 of 37 borough council seats were up for election this year.

Worthing Labour membes celebrate the results

The Conservatives took Northbrook, formerly UKIP and held on to five other seats.

The Lib Dems kept Tarring, while Labour held on to it Marine seat - first won by Beccy Cooper in 2017.

Labour also took five seats from the Tories, Broadwater, Heene, Selden, Gaisford and Central.

The current composition of the council is now:

Worthing Labour members celebrate the borough council result

Conservatives 19, Labour 15, Lib Dems 3.

Conservative Dan Humphreys, leader of the council, said: “Worthing’s Conservative councillors are grateful to the voters for putting your faith in us to run the council for another year.

“After all the sacrifices that the people of Worthing have made in the past twelve months we’re now more determined than ever to provide the best possible services to you and your families. You deserve no less.

2Over the past year our local NHS has been there for all of us like never before and as we emerge from the pandemic we will be there to support the NHS as we build new doctors’ surgeries and support patients with Worthing’s nationally recognised ‘Going Local’ scheme. Our economy has been hard hit by the effects of Covid and lockdown so we’re moving decisively to support jobs in Worthing.

New Conservative borough councillor Dan Coxhill

“Our kickstart scheme, support for apprenticeships, protection of employment space and town centre redevelopment programme will guarantee the best possible platform for jobs growth in Worthing.

“We need to build back greener so we’ll push on with our exciting plans for Highdown Gardens, Brooklands Park and Cissbury Fields as well as increasing recycling rates and cleaning up our energy sources to hit net zero before 2030. We’ll never take the support of the people of Worthing for granted and you can be sure that over the next year Worthing Borough Council and your Conservative Councillors will be on hand to support the people of Worthing.”

Dan Coxhill, the Conservatives’ newest councillor in Durrington, said: “I am delighted to have been elected as a Worthing Borough Councillor for Durrington. As the youngest member of the Council, I’m keen to improve opportunities for young people in our community. I am looking forward to working hard to represent Durrington residents’ views.”


CON GAIN FROM UKIP Northbrook. Ingrid Allan (Labour) - 378, Russ Cochran (Conservative) - 647, Joe Pearce (Green) -113, Keith Sunderland (Lib Dem) - 130.

CON HOLD - Durrington. Dan Coxhill (Conservative) - 783, James Darrall (Green) - 103, Graham McKnight (Labour) - 310, Emma Norton (Lib Dem) - 210

LAB GAIN - Broadwater. John Apsey (Lib Dem) - 165, Richard Battson (Green) - 192, Cathy Glynn-Davies (Labour) - 1,139, Paisley Thomson (Conservative) - 1,004.

LAB HOLD - Marine. Antony Brown (Lib Dem) - 140, Beccy Cooper (Labour) - 1,456, Trevor Hopkins (Green) - 181, Gavin Poole (Conservative) - 1,324.

CON HOLD - Castle. Ibsha Choudhury (Labour) - 880, Julie Dawe (Green) - 182, Steve Wills (Conservative) - 956, Nick Wiltshire (Lib Dem) - 253

LAB GAIN - Heene. Cyril Cannings (Lib Dem) - 130, Ian Davey (Green) - 347, Paul High (Conservative) - 924, Emma Taylor (Labour) - 1,091

CON HOLD - Offington. Helen Abrahams (Labour) - 421, Iona Harte (Lib Dem) - 235, Sonya Mallin (Green) - 243, Elizabeth Sparkes (Conservative) - 1,693

CON HOLD - Salvington. Jackie Cranefield (Lib Dem) - 372, Richard Nowak (Conservative) - 1,508, Stephen Rhodes (Green) - 220, Lysanne Skinner (Labour) - 440.

LAB GAIN - Selden. Sarah Blake (Conservative) - 848, Yvonne Leonard (Lib Dem) - 138, Melanie Ling (Green) - 226, Jon Roser (Labour) - 1,115.

LAB GAIN - Gaisford. Stephen Carleysmith (Green) - 284, Caroline Gentry (Lib Dem) - 261, John Turley (Labour) - 1,235, Val Turner (Conservative) - 1,114.

CON HOLD - Goring. Jane Cropper (Labour) - 601, Sharon Huls (Green) - 279, Robin Rogers (Lib Dem) - 248, Steve Waight (Conservative) - 1,785.

LIB DEM HOLD - Tarring. Constantine De Goguel (Green) - 165, Marco Di Paola (Libertarian) - 46, Pauline Fraser (Labour) - 604, John Salisbury (Conservative) - 630, Hazel Thorpe (Lib Dem) - 920.

LAB GAIN - Central. Christine Brown (Lib Dem) - 176, Alex Harman (Conservative) - 763, Jo Paul (Green) - 455, Rosey Whorlow (Labour) - 1,127.