Worthing election results: Everything you need to know

Worthing Borough Council elections are due to be announced today – here is everything you need to know.

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 11:57 am
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 1:03 pm

Residents took to the polls yesterday (May 2), to cast their vote, and the count is now taking place in the Assembly Hall.

The expected time for the results to be announced is from 12pm onwards.

The count is taking place in the Assembly Hall in Worthing today (May 3). Photo by Derek Martin Photography

A total of 11 of 37 seats at Worthing Borough Council are up for election.

Voters have had their say in every ward apart from Durrington and Northbrook.

Three wards are guaranteed to elect new councillors as incumbents are not standing again in Central, Marine and Tarring.

And in Heene, Josh High, who has held his seat as a Conservative for four years, is standing again – but this time as an Independent.

Here are all the candidates standing for election across 11 wards:

BROADWATER (one seat)

John Apsey, Liberal Democrats; Richard Battson, Green Party; Nigel Morgan, Conservatives; Dawn Smith, Labour.

CASTLE (one seat)

Stuart Field, UKIP; Lionel Harman, Conservatives; Matt Hoyland, Liberal Democrats; Samuel Theodoridi, Labour; Julian Warrick, Green Party.

CENTRAL (one seat):

Christine Brown, Liberal Democrats; Diane Guest, Conservatives; Jo Paul, Green Party; Sally Smith, Labour.

GAISFORD (one seat)

Henna Chowdhury, Labour; Caroline Griffiths, Liberal Democrats; Bryan Turner, Conservatives.

GORING (one seat):

David Aherne, Green Party; Roy Barraclough, Conservatives; Richard Bater, UKIP; Cyril Cannings, Liberal Democrats; Stephanie Powell, Labour.

HEENE (one seat)

Christine Allen, Liberal Democrats; Joshy High, Independent; Joseph Pearce, Green Party; Gavin Poole, Conservatives; Helen Silman, Labour.

MARINE (one seat)

Samuel Baeza, Labour; Antony Brown, Liberal Democrats; Sue Jelliss, UKIP; Karen North, Green Party; Tim Wills, Conservatives.

OFFINGTON (one seat)

Daniel Humphreys, Conservatives; Emma Norton, Liberal Democrats; Jon Roser, Labour; John Strange, UKIP.

SALVINGTON (one seat)

Noel Atkins, Conservatives; Michael Jelliss, UKIP; Melanie Ling, Green Party; Keith Sunderland, Liberal Democrats; Emma Taylor, Labour.

SELDEN (one seat)

Alex Harman, Conservatives; Yvonne Leonard, Liberal Democrats; Carl Walker, Labour; Madeleine Weaver, Green Party.

TARRING (one seat)

Toby Brothers, UKIP; Martin Mccabe, Liberal Democrats; Richard Nowak, Conservatives; Dominic Rhoden, Green Party; Rosey Whorlow, Labour.

Who is not standing again

Former leader Paul Yallop is not seeking re-election, nor is Tarring’s Tom Wye or Central’s Clive Roberts.

Meanwhile Josh High, who was previously a Conservative, is standing as an independent this time around.

Since the Conservatives have a healthy majority, they would need to take only two seats today (May 3), to keep their majority.