Worthing seafront walkway severed

The whole of Beach House is now visible from the seafront
The whole of Beach House is now visible from the seafront

MIND the gap! Part of Worthing’s pre-war seafront architecture has undergone radical change with the part-demolition of The Esplanade’s raised walkway.

Advance notice of the work was given in last year’s planning brief for the new municipal swimming pool.

Councillors were told that the demolition would “allow for the western half of the raised walkway to remain accessible from the park; and the eastern portion to be secured within the raised terraces of the development”.

The report said the primary purpose was to open up views to the sea from the park, “restoring the visual relationship of Beach House with the seafront, improving the setting of the listed building”.

In June, however, there were protests against the walkway being severed, with fears that the eastern section would become derelict and an eyesore in the town.

A Worthing Borough Council spokesman said at the time: “We have had to demolish the central, elevated section to provide the security needed for the external terraces/new pool building.”

For cost reasons, it had been agreed to do the external terrace linkage with the existing, east side, walkway and first-floor kiosk in two phases.

Phase one (affordable in the current scheme), would provide no public access, but phase two would provide this (via the pool) at a later date when finance became available.

The east side would not be allowed to become “derelict”.