Poorly pooch in Worthing needs leg operation

Enid the dog Wadars Worthing SUS-160122-112244001
Enid the dog Wadars Worthing SUS-160122-112244001

An animal rescue centre in Worthing is appealing for donations to operate on a dog’s fractured leg after its previous owners were unable to pay for the surgery.

Ten-month-old Chinese Crested bitch, Enid, suffered the fractured leg whilst playing under the supervision of a dog minder.

The poorly pooch needed an operation to fix it which vets have agreed to do for a greatly reduced cost of £1,500.

Now, Wadars animal rescue in Hangleton Lane is appealing for donations to help cover the cost of the operation for Enid who was recently signed over to them.

Wadars operations manager Tracy Cadman said: “This is a perfect example of why it is so important for owners to insure their pets.”

Tracy said veterinary fees can cost owners hundreds of pounds and if this cannot be met a pet is usually taken to a rehoming centre or put to sleep.

She said: “Enid is a lovely little dog and will make a great pet, but in addition to the initial cost of the operation we will have to fund her care until we can find a home for her as we also neuter, microchip, de-flea and worm our animals before rehoming them which all adds up.”

Another local animal charity has offered to pay £300 towards the bill, but the balance is still too steep for the small charity to source.

“So we are appealing for people to help us cover the costs for Enid’s operation and ongoing care, and that of other animals like her,” she added.

Wadars is a leading animal rescue charity and has been providing care and protection for animals of all kinds since 1969.

The team of animal rescue officers respond to calls from the general public.

During the summer months Wadars can receive more than 60 calls a day for help.

At any one time they take care of 50 dogs, cats and other pets who are looking for new homes.

Currently the animals are cared for in commercial kennels and catteries or by volunteer fosterers until suitable homes can be found for them.

The team also work closely with various wildlife sanctuaries in the area.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to help with Enid’s operation and ongoing costs should either visit www.wadars.co.uk and click on the fundraising page, or send a cheque made payable to Wadars, Hangleton Lane, Ferring, BN12 6PP.