Pop-up-shop raises thousands for girl’s overseas treatment

A MOTHER who opened a pop-up-shop to raise money for her daughter’s treatment has raised over £12,000.

Lyn Aaron-Ferringo set up the temporary shop in the Guildbourne Centre, Worthing, to help pay for her daughter Zoë, 9, to go to Poland for specialist physiotherapy.

Zoë suffers from cerebral palsy which affects all four of her limbs, and the money will enable her to attend a 28-day course at the EUROMED Rehabilitation Centre.

Lyn, 46, of Rectory Road, Tarring, kept the total amount raised a secret until the shop closed on Saturday, July 13.

She said: “It was very emotional.

“I wasn’t expecting to raise so much.

“I thought we might make one or two thousand pounds.”

Lyn, who runs a charity called We Play Too, said that originally she had been collecting things for a car-boot sale, but when the donations started to stack up she decided to take over the shop.

The shop selling second hand clothes, books, toys and other items was open seven days a week for seven weeks.

Lyn praised the volunteers who gave up their time to help her run the shop, as well everyone at the Guildbourne Centre, and Zoë and her brother Alex, 7, who worked in the shop every weekend.

She said: “I couldn’t have done it without them.

“If they weren’t there, this would never have happened.

“We were a phenomenal team.”

Emotions were running high on the day the total was announced, and Zoë, who goes to West Park CE School, said: “I was so happy because we raised the money, but so sad that we were saying goodbye to everybody.”

Lyn joked about how someone had stolen a fondue set from the shop, but had left the burner behind.

She and her husband John, 50, left a note asking the thief to pay if they came back for the missing part, but the burner was stolen the following day.

To find out how to make a donation, go to therapyforzoe.webs.com