Popular PE teacher bids farewell to school

Former SRWA assistant head Richard Bryant will be missed by staff and pupils alike
Former SRWA assistant head Richard Bryant will be missed by staff and pupils alike

A POPULAR PE teacher has left the Lancing school he first joined more than 25 years ago.

In his most latest stint at the Sir Robert Woodard Academy, former assistant head Richard Bryant worked part-time as director of community, while also overseeing PE at Chichester University.

Mr Bryant’s achievements include developing the academy’s travel plan to promote pupil safety on the way to and from school, building up the business breakfast club and forging links with firms at Lancing Business Park.

He said he loved seeing the ‘high flyers’ achieve great things, but got more out of helping those at the other end of the academic spectrum.

“I have always dealt with all the kids that never going to achieve A* to C grades,” said Mr Bryant.

“I have got more satisfaction from seeing the kids who get an F or a G but leave having achieved something in the community.”

Mr Bryant first joined Boundstone as head of boys PE in 1988, becoming head of department in 1994.

He left to join Mayfield School in Portsmoth as head of PE in 1996, and returned to work part-time at Boundstone as a senior teacher in 2003.

In 2004, Mr Bryant was made assistant head, which he remained until the school became an academy in 2009.

A sportsman, Mr Bryant has run the London Marathon and plays football regularly.

“I’ll miss the relationships around the school at break times, the banter and the staff going above and beyond the call of duty,” he said.

SRWA Principal Peter Midwinter said he was ‘extremely grateful’ to Mr Bryant for the ‘significant contribution’ he had made to the school.

“I became aware of Dick’s talents very soon upon my appointment as principal,” said Mr Midwinter, who brought Mr Bryant back to the school just weeks after being appointed in 2013.

“If my vision of a community-enriched school was to be realised, I needed a person of such calibre on my staff,” he said.

“He’s a class act who cares deeply about the community.”

To read more about the school’s travel plan, see next week’s Lancing Herald.