Pot holes concern Worthing man

A CYCLIST has voiced his concern about the condition of a road regularly used by visitors to Worthing Hospital.

Robert Sisk, 45, of Seldon Road, Worthing, claims that Farncombe Road, in Worthing, should be made a priority to benefit from the recently announced £30 million Better Road Programme because it’s ‘a cut-through to the hospital for the ambulance service and has been poorly maintained’.

After reading about the programme in the Herald, Mr Sisk emailed Highways Officer Derek Marshall asking for something to be done about the state of the road.

Mr Marshall responded: “I have inspected the site and will ask for the three potholes which exceed our maintenance limits to be repaired within the next 28 days, I will also ask for consideration to be given to resurfacing the whole road, although, giving the current economic climate, I think this would be unlikely in the near future.”

David Jones, media advisor for West Sussex County Council, added: “Farncombe Road is not currently identified but will be considered for the £30m Better Road Programme.

“We have a third of the £30 million programme identified and programmed so far.”

The money provided by the programme will primarily be assigned to repair unclassified roads.

Mr Sisk said: “For cyclists the pot holes are quite dangerous and I would say it’s a road that needs to be prioritised.

“It’s going to cause damage going forward; pot holes will potentially damage suspension and people will end up making claims.”

Should housing be built on the site of the former Aquarena swimming pool, in Brighton Road, Worthing, Mr Sisk said there would be an ‘even greater need’ for the road to be repaired.

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