Pub razed to the ground

The Jolly Brewers is razed to the ground SUS-141222-104224001
The Jolly Brewers is razed to the ground SUS-141222-104224001

PLANS to convert a Worthing site into land for an expanding school are progressing smoothly as the bulldozers moved in to raze a former pub to the ground.

The Jolly Brewers is being demolished after West Sussex County Council agreed to buy the land for the use of Heene First School, which is expanding in line with changes to the age of transfer school system next year.

The Clifton Road watering hole was earmarked for flats but a successful campaign by Heene parents saw a change of heart from developer Alex Whibley.

Worthing Pier county councillor Michael Cloake, who played a key part in the negotiations, said: “It is good news and is all going according to plan.

“The land was sold subject to it being cleared. The demolition is the developer fulfilling its side of the deal and it is good to see it being done sooner rather than later.

“In the short-term, the site will be used for builders working on the school to make it ready for age of transfer to park their vehicles, allowing the children more space than they would have previously had to play.

“In the long-term, we can look to developing the site for the use of the school.”