Pub thieves target cash and sambuca in Worthing burglary

The Wandering Goose
The Wandering Goose

THIEVES raided the till and stole a bottle of sambuca from the Wandering Goose pub, in Marine Parade, Worthing, earlier today.

Nathan Wright, the pub’s owner, called police after discovering the pub’s backdoor had been forced open.

CCTV footage showed the thieves lining their pockets with cash before taking a bottle of white sambuca.

Mr Wright said: “I’m always fairly philosophical about these things. You almost expect it to happen at some point, so when it does happen and you get off lightly you are almost a little bit relieved. It’s only when they are malicious and spiteful that it really grates.”

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, January 30.