Public toilets will be provided at new Goring development

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WHAT a relief! Public toilets will, after all, be provided at Goring’s new Eirene Road/Sea Place development.

It’s a victory for Worthing Council and the many comfort-stop seekers who were horrified when developers Kier Homes tried to opt out of providing the replacement lavatories, a condition which was agreed as part of the original planning permission.

Problems arose when the Kier tried to find a new home for the toilets.

For several reasons, the development’s new health centre refused to have the toilets on its premises.

The same stand was taken by Worthing Sailing Club, which will be moving its headquarters to proposed new premises west of Sea Place.

Kier then asked the council to agree to drop the toilets-provision condition, saying there were suitable facilities elsewhere.

But the council planners flushed that idea out of court, and told Kier the condition must stand.

Now, the council has said Kier Homes will be submitting a planning application to site a free-standing public toilet, adjacent to the proposed public open space which is the current location of the sailing club.

Kier Homes is “making a contribution” through section 106 monies, and will maintain the facility.

And it could be quite a feature, as the council says it is investigating the possibility of working with a local college to design a structure that will also be a piece of public art.