Pupils get first look at new school


Youngsters were invited to a building site to get their first glimpse of what will be their new school.

Year 7 and 8 students, who will be the first intake at Worthing’s Bohunt School in September, were given a tour of the site and met their new classmates and teachers.

While on the site, they were taught about the archaeological finds dug up during construction, concrete manufacture and the importance of accurate architectural designs.

They were even able to radio the tower crane operator who lowered his block and chains so they could see the equipment up close.

Head Adam Whitehead said: “Transferring to secondary school can be a worrying event for young people and the aim of the day was to answer questions, put minds at rest and start introducing them to our expectations and learning culture. It has been really exciting to finally get some classroom time with our students and talk with them about the new school. They were all very excited to see the state-of- the- art buildings taking shape on the new site.”

While work is completed on the school’s new site, students will be taught at a separate campus at the Queen Street Car Park.

The school will cater for 900 students when it reaches full capacity in September 2018.