Pupils have week of science investigations

Science week at St Marys Catholic primary school
Science week at St Marys Catholic primary school

Pupils from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Worthing took part in a celebration of science, which saw classrooms full of investigations.

Year-one and two pupils donned lab coats to investigate waterproof materials, while year-six children measured staff to see who had the golden ratio of mathematically perfect proportion.

Questions which children explored throughout the week included ‘what happens to food when it’s left out?’, ‘how can we slow down Usain Bolt?’ and ‘what will I look like when I am as old as my grandparents?’.

To end the week, the school held a science fair for parents and carers.

Mohamed Chamseedine, ten, said: “I loved science week and it was amazing using face-changing software to age our faces. It was very tiring explaining our findings to so many people but our teamwork got us through.”