Queues at Splashpoint as residents get their first look at new pool

Karley Keegan, 31, and Ross Gibbs, 27, pictured with Karley's daughter, Jazmin, 15 months
Karley Keegan, 31, and Ross Gibbs, 27, pictured with Karley's daughter, Jazmin, 15 months

LONG queues have been the norm at Splashpoint as hundreds of residents flocked to get their first look at the new pool.

The £19.7 million facility, which comprises three pools, spa facilities and a gym, opened last week, with full car parks throughout the weekend.

So long were the queues at times, the staff organised for entertainment outside, to keep the crowds happy.

General manager Duncan Anderson said the reaction to the pool had been “fantastic”.

He said: “It was a great opening weekend and we had queues going half-way down to the road at times.

“We had entertainment, including gospel choirs and a steel band and I think most people were happy when they got to the front, despite a long wait.”

Mr Anderson said the majority of feedback has been positive, but he recognised there were things that could be improved upon.

He said: “The staff have been fantastic. We are doing our best and now we have to look at all feedback to keep on top of our customer care.”

The Herald spoke to more than a dozen people outside Splashpoint on Tuesday, with all but one reporting a positive experience.

John Whiteside, 69, from Lancing, said the town was “really lucky” to get such a facility.

He said: “I think it’s brilliant. They got it right having the pool at 25 metres rather than 50.

“Today, the main pool was set at about 1.9 metres deep, and I think some people would prefer it to be the lower setting of 1.2 metres.

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be that.”Conversely, Sean Longley, 45, from Lancing, took his son to the leisure pool, but found it closed until the afternoon. He said: “It looks nice in there but it’s a bit awkward as the leisure pool was closed until later in the afternoon.”

Worthing Borough Council leader Paul Yallop said he had taken his daughter to the pool and they were both pleased with it.

Mr Yallop, whose name was used for the “Captain Yallop” pirate ship in the leisure pool, said: “You always get a range of opinions but it has been absolutely crammed so far.

“It was also encouraging to see a few spare car parking spaces, too.” Mr Anderson, in response to the feedback, said: “During the holidays the leisure pool will be open from about 9am. In the meantime, there are sessions that take place in the mornings.

“As far as I’m aware, for lane swimming sessions the depth was supposed to be between 1.2 and 1.5 metres, so I value the feedback and will look into it.”