Raising awareness of canine prostate disease

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Whilst men across the country grow moustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer this month, a little-known campaign for the equivalent condition in dogs is also taking place.

Canine Prostate Awareness Month is running alongside the popular “Movember” challenge and Heene Road Vets are taking part in the campaign to raise awareness of the condition.

Canine prostatic disease generally affects older dogs which have not been castrated, over the age of five.

Classic symptoms include constipation, lameness and difficulty urinating but often signs go unnoticed.

But when Corinne English, 75, of Melrose Avenue, Worthing, brought her 12-year-old Corgi, Duke, to see vet, Jeremy French, for routine dental treatment, suspicions were aroused that he might be suffering from the condition.

Jeremy explained: “In Duke’s case, he had urinated indoors, something he had never done and when I examined him, you could feel his enlarged prostate.

“Luckily, the main difference between humans and dogs is that in dogs it tends to be benign, not cancerous.”

If left untreated, the condition can lead to serious health complications.

As part of the awareness campaign, pet owners can take their dogs to Heene Road Vets for a free check up.

For the full story, see the Herald and Gazette, out Thursday, November 29.